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Tony's Trading Post has been a family owned and operated business for over 30 years.  In that 30 yrs, the business has been handed down from big Tony Sheda to little Tony Sheda.  I (little Tony) have been dealing with taxidermy and the fur trade my entire life and there is nothing I like more than buying, selling or trading.  I don't buy or sell raw furs and I don't do taxidermy for anyone except myself, I simply buy and sell.  

The Trading Post is located in the north woods of Minnesota where I reside with my wife, three girls and a various assortment of live animals.  I love to hunt and trap which I do in my own backyard when time allows for it.  Sometimes I can talk one of the girls to go with, they do all right as long as I have plenty of extra ammo.
Contact us at 218-384-9925